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The ULF Method is a European professional cognitive training methodology based on the 'U Learn Football' principle, which generates contexts that favor the significant learning in the footballer and his cognitive development through experiences that make the player understand the situations generated in the context of the game, depending on the intrinsic factors of the game and its internal logic. Making the footballer know how to make the right decision and not make mistakes depending on the situation that surrounds him in a match.


It has been successfully tested in professional, semi-professional and youth football on 3 continents, in teams such as Valencia CF, Levante UD, Burjassot CF, (Spain), Deportivo Saprissa, Puerto Golfito, Jicaral Sercoba (Costa Rica), Leopard FC (China). ), Matias Almeida FC (USA) and implemented in academies in Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan, Spain and Colombia among others.


This methodology offers all the necessary tools for coaches to be agents of change for their players and for players to learn to solve possible problems that arise in the game. Thus, they will be able to contextualize themselves and achieve the goal set each season regardless of which country they play in and knowing how to perform perfectly what the coach demands of them.


With this course you will become the coach you have always wanted to be, and you will be able to help your players fulfill their dream. Since after this training you will know how to teach your footballers everything necessary so that they can play in any league in the world and be part of its history.


The responsibility of training well is the key to the personal growth of your players, you cannot allow yourself to generate bad learning at the early ages of your players. For this reason, and out of respect for the hours they invest in fulfilling their dream, you cannot be just another coach. 


As Albert Einstein said: 'Life is like a parachute, it only works if you open it.'


ULF Method (Cognitive Training Methodology)

  • 🗣️ With this course you are going to become the agents of change for your footballers. 
    🛠 You are going to learn a  unique, modern and professional Spanish working method based on cognitive training. 
    🧬 You are going to generate in your footballers a fundamental football DNA in modern football, providing them with the necessary tools to be able to play for any team in the world regardless of the model and game system used.

    📚 The course consists of 11 100% online training modules, where you will learn:
    👉🏼 The 4 pillars of the ULF method.
    👉🏼 The 3 principles that without them the logic of football is lost.
    👉🏼 Tactical intelligence: The different ways of attacking and defending.
    👉🏼 Game moments: The 4 + 1
    👉🏼 The stable traits (collective foundations) of the 4 + 1 and their tactical communication. 
    👉🏼 The European Profile by demarcation and its stable features (individual fundamentals) by position. 
    👉🏼 Cognitive characteristics vs Training guidelines in Soccer 8 and Soccer 11. 
    👉🏼 Identity, idea and game model
    👉🏼 Profile of the European player. Specific traits for attracting talent. 
    👉🏼 Game systems. 
    👉🏼 System 1442 and 1433
    👉🏼 Manchester City. Season 23/24
    👉🏼 Technical actions - offensive and defensive tactics. 
    👉🏼 Sub offensive and defensive tactical principles.
    👉🏼 The Defensive and Offensive Tactical Principles (PTD and PTO) 
    👉🏼 Individual Performance and Tactification Reports (IRI and IRT).
    👉🏼 Analysis and scouting 'focus on your team'.
    👉🏼 General Scouting and Specific Scouting.
    👉🏼 Rival team analysis.
    👉🏼 Set Ball Actions.
    👉🏼 SWOT.
    👉🏼 Levante UD vs Villarreal CF analysis. U21 match.
    👉🏼 ULF Analysis and Scouting Template.
    👉🏼 Cognitive tasks in the warm-up and main part.
    👉🏼 Complexity of cognitive tasks. Regulation of loads in the heating and in the main part.
    👉🏼  Typology of tasks. Examples.
    👉🏼 ULF work microcycles of 3,4,5 and 6 days.
    👉🏼 ULF Sessions: Recovery, Strength, Resistance, Speed and Memory Sessions.
    👉🏼 Match plan.
    👉🏼 The OPE (Organization, Planning and Structuring) of cognitive training. 
    👉🏼 Planning and feedback 
    👉🏼 The OPE of work with the medical service. 
    📜 Course diploma. 
    👨🏻‍🏫 Doubt resolution


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