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The ULF Method

After the debacle of the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002, Spain invests in training at all levels and structures of football, especially invests in working methods and training of coaches, so that they are the agent of change for the new generations.

Six years later, after a formative process, the Spanish national team won two European Championships (2008, 2012) and a World Championship (2010).

Today, they continue to produce top-level footballers through their hallmark and model of play, aiming to win any competition they play in and, more importantly, with very young players.

What is methodology? The RAE Dictionary defines methodology as "science of method" and "set of methods followed in scientific research.

The methodology 'U Learn Football' or ULF method is a training methodology that was born in June 2005, it is based on the significant learning of David Ausubel. Pedagogue born in New York in 1913, it is governed by 4 fundamental pillars:

1.-U Learn principle.

2.- Brain Plasticity.

3.- Tactification.

4.- Perfile specificty

The ULF method begins to train football players when our director signs in the DSV, a female team linked to the German School in the city of Valencia. Later this club would become Valencia CF Femenino reaching the women's first division in 2012. His cycle in this entity lasts 6 years of process, forming players who are still playing football in the first division of the national and international scene.

Foto de archivo: 2005

In 2013 he returned to Valencia CF, but to the men's section. At this stage he worked in the Wanda project, where Asian footballers were trained from the international line of Valencia CF to send them to play for professional teams in the Chinese Super League. He also combined his training with the U11 team of the GloVal Academy. Training academy of the minor league of Valencia CF where footballers were recruited from different countries.

Fotos de archivo 2013 Valencia CF

During this period the ULF method also began to work with a neighbourhood team, CD Rumbo, where it began to train footballers from the minor league with very different characteristics, as they were not chosen footballers, but footballers who had the dream of learning and playing the sport they love so much.

This team serves to implement the ULF method in the training of both football players and coaches. After 3 seasons and incredible results, all the teams that worked under the methodology met their goals and even exceeded the expectations and objectives set at the beginning of each season.

During these years (2012-2015), our method is taught in a pre-university complex in Valencia, where we train UEFA A Pro level coaches.

There he taught the subjects of technique, tactics and methodology. In addition, the method is evolving with football, learning from new trends in training and teaching where the learning generated makes the method work.

Complejo Pre Universitario Mas Camarena

For more than a decade the ULF method has been implemented in teams with players chosen from the youth academies of high level teams such as Valencia CF; Levante UD in different categories and in semi-professional teams such as Burjassot CF (3rd Spanish division) and CD Utiel (4th Spanish division).

CD Utiel (Temporada 2014)

In 2016, the ULF Method set course for the Asian continent, where it provides training to coaches and structures several football academies in China and Hong Kong.

Academias de China y Hong Kong

He even gets Asian footballers to sign professional contracts with several teams in Spain.

Fichajes de jugadores asiaticos en equipos españoles.

During these years the work does not go unnoticed and in 2018 returns to Spain to the highest category of Spanish women's football by the hand of Levante UD femenino. One of the most important teams in Spanish football.

Temporada 2018

Temporada 2019

In 2019, the ULF Method lands in Central America, in Costa Rica, where it carries out campuses, training sessions and trainings at the UCIMED university.

Academia de bien Social 'Ángeles de la Fortuna' SAN CARLOS

I Campus Internacional 'U Learn Football' El Roble, PUNTARENAS

Academia de futbol femenino ' Estrellas de Mar' PUNTARENAS

After several years of coming and going to Costa Rica. In 2021 begins a project for the training of football players to export them to Europe under our work methodology. We have already managed to get 6 Costa Ricans to do several internships in Spanish teams such as CD Castellón and Levante UD.

Pasantía en CD Castellón (2021)

Pasantía en el Levante UD (2022)

Currently, the ULF method is taught in a soccer academy in San Carlos, where coaches and players learn and enjoy the ULF Method. We have managed to get the title of TRAIN of TRAINERS that qualifies you to train the coaches of the different countries of the CONCACAF.

Curso TRAIN de TRAINERS (2022)

In addition, from our international department we are generating synergies with important clubs in Spain, to be able to give our players the real opportunity to fulfill the dream of living this unique experience and why not fulfill their dream.

Villarreal CF, Levante UD, Valencia CF (Equipos de la LaLiga)

We are still committed to football, to training and to being able to generate real opportunities so that Costa Rican boys and girls can fulfil their dream of playing football in any league in the world.


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