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Hard work is always rewarded

More than two years ago the social welfare school 'Angeles de la Fortuna' located in the province of San Carlos started working under our methodology.

This year, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, we organized a campus for the children of the school where they could enjoy a unique day of work and fun under our method. It was a success!

This school is directed by Roy Leitón who is the president, his brother Limberth Leitón and Alejandra Villalobos (coaches of the school and coordinators of football 11 and football 8 respectively). It also has the help of Carlos Javier Azagra, Spanish coach with UEFA license and Edu Valenzuela as director of methodology that through regular training has been updating the teachings to modern European football.

*** Since we started with the school, the coaches have been continuously trained with our methodology, taking all the courses that allow them to train the teams as if they were a first division team in Europe and their football school. Generating significant learning under our method that undoubtedly has been able to transmit to the football players being the agents of change of the boys and girls. They are real experts in the ULF method. Edu Valenzuela informs us.

During this period of time and with a lot of help we have managed to bring 3 football players to Spain to do internships and trials in professional teams of LaLiga, such as Levante UD and CD Castellón.

Our motto is clear:

'If you walk alone you will go faster, if we walk together we will go further'.

But hard work is always rewarded. Six players from the school already made their debuts last season in Costa Rica's 2nd division.

This 2023 starts full of good news on the 10th anniversary of the school, which also changed its logo to celebrate it.

Los Angeles de la Fortuna School has signed an agreement with the Jicaral Sercoba team to nurture their first team and their minor league with players from our school, thus generating real opportunities for our boys to grow. We have also managed to get other of our boys to play in other 1st and 2nd division teams in Costa Rica.

Therefore our boys, Moises Castro and Eduardo Arana join the first team of Jicaral Secorba in the second division.

Fabián López, David Arias, Steven González, Allan Carvajal, Pablo Leitón, Kenyel Hurtado, Matias Molina and Justin Cordero join their minor league.

Humberto Hidalgo and Gilberto Hidalgo will play in 2nd division in Escorpiones de Belén.

Esteban Blanco joins Guadalupe FC in the 1st division.

We continue to generate real opportunities for our kids, it doesn't stop!!!!


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